What others are saying

"Recalling classic, 80s-era feel good pop-rock vibes, DC Metropolitan area band Midnight Hike’s latest effort Shoot the Moon represents the notion that great music is a notion that isn’t bound by time. The sextet truly displays a veteran ability to settle into a groove and find the ability to connect with the listener. Lead vocalist Eric Schmid delivers here with excellence. The direct songwriting on songs like album opener “Today’s Your Day” do not allow much room for dramatic interpretation, but instead like the rest of the band, showcase a professional effort that hits home with expected results. Tracks like “Outside Telluride” which features a strange yet intriguing techno-meets-rock sensibility, are intriguing in their intended desire to highlight a band willing to take a chance, but talented enough to hit a massive home run;  the song feels like a jet plane hitting warp speed over the Western sky. Midnight Hike stays consistent and plays their music like a band who knows who they are."

On Tap Magazine

"This area band has a big, big sound. They have already played some big stages (with no less than Cheap Trick and Blue Oyster Cult) along with some of the smaller area clubs and they manage to fit snugly into venues of any size just fine. That is in part due to a classic bar-room band blues rock that has strong Americana roots at the heart along with arena sized rock blasts from the guitar and rhythm section. The vocals manage to stay clean and strong on top of it all and there are some keyboards lending to the overall atmosphere. The songwriting shows some thoughtfulness with regard to form, as they occasionally succeed in elevating a fun bluesy rocker into something more memorable. It is evident that the songwriting is sharper on this sophomore album. And at the end of the day, end of the set, or end of this album, be assured that Midnight Hike rocks hard and pure."

DC Rock Live

"Hey bartenders, when this band plays, tips go up... they pack a crowd. Book them now if you’re lucky!”

Jason Walsh - On Tap Magazine

"Great musical camaraderie and songs that pull the audience in!”

David Hintz - DC Rock Live

"Their sound has all the elements that make a great rock album, including a strong lead-off track (Kinda Girl), a fun pop song (Tell Me You Love Me) and heart-wrenching lyrics (Broken)."

Jim Pasinski - Record-Journal Newspaper

"One of DC's Best Local Bands ~ 2011"

Reader's Poll - Washington City Paper

"Since their formation they have taken step after step in the right direction. The band has graduated from playing small shows to larger rock venues."

Tri State Indie

"The band’s experience shines through when they’re on stage. They exude confidence that transfers over to the audience and know what it takes to convey the exact sound they want."

Steve Bradley - Washington Times

"This album is chock full of no-frills rock...with a sound thats reminiscent of early 90s alt-rock with a dose of classic rock and a hint of ska/reggae. Eric Schmid tackles the lead vocals with a fierce energy... excellent facemelting lead guitar from Jamie Rea...sounds as though it could be found on an early Collective Soul album...an enjoyable appetizer from a band we hope to hear more of in the future."

Juli Thanki - District Noise

"Midnight Hike is all about bringing yesterday to the forefront and proving that it’s not that far away. It’s the synthesis of their influences on their new album that makes it an enjoyable listen. The band isn’t content just to bring out their influences and leave it at that, but rather to take them and move forward with their sound."

Stephen Bradley - Washington Times

"Midnight Hike sounds like Velvet Revolver meets Collective Soul"

Brian Pagels - DC Music Pub

"Great lead vocals and rockability is what I think of when I hear Midnight Hike's hit single "Tell Me You Love Me". These guys are all veterans of regional and national touring bands so they’re DEFINITELY ready to rock your faces."

Lea Holland - On Tap Magazine

"Fantastic band...great fans...can't wait to get Midnight Hike back in here..."

Aeghmon Banks, Rookery GM - The Rookery in DC

"Seen a lot of bands...Midnight Hike delivers forceful rock that demands involvement. The audience ate it up...these guys are on to something."

Demitrius DeVille, PJ Skidoos in Fairfax, VA

"Midnight Hike is one of the best bands to play here in a long, long time...great to see a packed house of fans thriving on original rock songs."

Bob Brooksbank, The Barking Dog in Bethesda, MD